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Wholesale legal terms

Legal information, delivery and sale conditions


The measures defined hereafter set up a contract about mail order selling conditions of products of the e-commerce site of Lingerie Land and this, between the LINGERIE LAND trader, registered in France and the customer, consumer of the products which are sold on the web site. 


31, Rue Longue des Capucins
13001 Marseille
email : contact@lingerieland.fr
RCS :  B 447 888 207 MARSEILLE
SIRET : 447 888 207 000 27
N° TVA : FR 69 447 888 207


The customer is asked some information which is necessary to the processing of one's order as well as its follow-up. It cannot be passed on a third party in accordance with the « computing and liberty » law of January 6th 1978. The customer can be opposed to any disclosure of one's personal data and has the right to access and correct one's data, registered on the site. To exercise this right, please contact contact@lingerieland.fr. This data processing has been the object of a declaration to the CNIL. 


Prices are in Euro excluding VAT. They are those in force on the date of the order. They take into account the VAT rate, applicable on the date of the order. Any change of the VAT rate will automatically affect prices. 


Ordering via the site means entire and irrevocable acceptation by the customer of the current conditions of sale. Any order by the customer constitutes the acceptation of the prices as well as the products as it is defined on the site. The sale will be considered as final after sending the customer the confirmation of one's order by LINGERIE LAND and receipt by LINGERIE LAND of the full amount. The registering system of the site is considered as a sale contract, dated from the day of the registration of the site. LINGERIE LAND takes the engagement te honour the orders, received on the site solely in the limits of available stocks. In case of unavailability LINGERIE LAND takes the engagement to inform one's customer as soon as possible. This one will have the possibility to cancel one's order. He will have the choice either to exchange one's product for another one of same value or a product, proposed by LINGERIE LAND. 


1-credit card
Not available for Dom.Tom and foreign countries. The validation of the order with the number of the credit card as well as its date of expiration is equivalent to pay the full amount of the order. The data relating to this credit card will be kept only for the time of the processing of the sale.

2-Virement before shipping of your parcel: after we verified that your command(order) is ready and complete, we warn(prevent) you of the exact sum of your command(order), its weight and the definitive blow of your order and postal charges. You send us then your transfer for the attention of:

Lingerie Land
31 rue longue des capucins, 13001 Marseille
BANK DETAILS to be downloaded here : RIB à télécharger ici. 


LINGERIE LAND guarantee the means and covers of cryptology, used to secure transactions which are been the object of an authorization and a declaration in force. 


The validation of the order as well as the procedure of identification constitute a signing between the parties, of the same value as a handwritten signing. The computerized ledgers are kept as proofs of communications, orders and payments between the parties. 


LINGERIE LAND undertake, in reasonble conditions of security ,to keep one's ledgers, orders and invoices on a reliable medium so as to constitute a faithful and lasting copy of this filing, in accordance with the article 1348 of the civil code. 


The order, accepted by LINGERIE LAND in the conditions of sale defined previously, will be carried out within 7 days. The customer will be informed with an e-mail of validation of one's order and he will be given a single number of order. This number of order refers to the following data : full amount and details of the order ; VAT included as well as the amount of the delivery charges, the means of payment, chosen by the customer, the address of invoicing and the address of delivery, the identity and reference of LINGERIE LAND. 


The products will be sent in a closed and discreet packaging to the address given by the customer. Only the orders which are paid will be sent.. LINGERIE LAND reserve the right to refuse an order of a customer in case there would be a dispute. For this question, please contact contact@lingerieland.fr 


For any delivery out of the French territory and out of the CEE, the tariffs and costs of other formalities are payable by the customer exclusively ; this one undertakes to check the possibilities of importation of the products of the site. 


The customer undertakes to check the condition of the parcel and the goods when they arrive. In case of damage the customer must inform LINGERIE LAND at contact@lingerieland.fr within 3 working days, as well as the haulage contractor through a complaint, filed with the one of LINGERIE LAND in one's post office. The customer is free to express any remark about LINGERIE LAND products at the customers'department at : contact@lingerieland.fr 


In case of nonconformity or defectiveness of a product, the customer will have to inform the customers'department of LINGERIE LAND with an e-mail at : contact@lingerieland.fr. LINGERIE LAND take responsability relating to the delivered products towards the customer, in accordance with the regulation in force ; they guarantee the customer from any inherent defect about the delivered products, which would make them unsuitable for use, as well as the resulting detrimental consequences. 


The customer has a period of 7 working days from the reception of the product to send back the item at one's expenses to LINGERIE LAND / 31, Rue Longue des Capucins / 13001 Marseille. The products will have to be sent back unused, labelled and in their packing of origin. The customer will have the choice either to ask for a credit of the amount of one's order, except for the invested expenses, valid one year, or the exchange of the product, transportation cost, payable by him. 


All the texts, remarks, illustrations and pictures on the site, published by LINGERIE LAND are reserved as royalties as well as intellectual property all over the world. In accordance with the code of intellectual property, it is allowed to use it only for a private use. Any use out of a private framework constitutes a forgery act and will be punished with regard to legal measures in force. 


If for any reason, one of the current conditions, previously defined should be proved to be inapplicable, it would not change, in any case, the application of the other measures. This latest, considered as inapplicable, will be replaced by the nearest possible arrangement. 


Neither LINGERIE LAND or the customer should be taken for responsible for the non-carrying out of the order in case of absolute necessity out of their control, including in particular : war, riot, interruption of the delivery service, shortage, fire, earthquake, storm, flood. The customer is responsible for the choice of one's products, their keeping and their use, by himself or by a third party. 


The language of the contract is French. This contract is submitted to the French law. Disputes will be submitted to the competence of the French, regional juridiction.