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For your silhouette-minded customers, various products are available in stock at your bra, girdles and sports bras supplier. We submit the lingerie that meets the requirements of your clients. Microfiber bras with or without foam, headbands, sheaths, boxers or shorty are recommended. You will find in your wholesaler bra, hundreds of models, whose texture, color, cut and of course the sizes vary considerably. Well, know that there are several styles of bras including bras and sports bras.

Microfiber lingerie & sport bra wholesaler

As we are aware, micro fiber is a highly fine fiber made of polyester and polyamide. Very soft to the touch, they are very comfortable because of their lightness, and because they allow the skin to breathe, microfiber lingerie is very appreciated in the world. We have several models that will surely delight you and give life to your shelves. The sports bras rather allow the maintenance of the chest of which it transfers the weight on the shoulders. Unlike the bra, the sports bra does not have two individual cups, but rather an overall holding strip. Hurry up to get our lovely and elegant range of bra. What's more, your sport bras and microfiber supplier offers chic and glamorous basics and interesting combinations always refined and classy. It should be noted that sales are made online and in our stores. The sizes available are diverse and the items we provide you are sublime, modern with a most stylish look. There are items for every taste, every wallet and every measure. Dare to be sexy, opting for our microfiber products. For maximum comfort, however, we offer you the most comfortable sports bras you will find. Your customers will wear all the clothes they want on a nice micro fiber bra. To keep a naked bareback, trust their irreproachable maintenance. As a bonus, they give your chest a perfect roundness. Even after washing they keep their hold and their efficiency. Do not forget to re-glue their protective film after use, to wear them again and again.