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Plus size swimsuit

large size swimsuit wholesaler

Ideal choice for summer holidays by the sea, sunny weekends at the beach or aqua gym sessions at the pool, the large size swimsuit is comfortable and timeless. It consists of various sculptural materials such as polyamide, elastane or polyester in your large size swimsuit wholesaler shop.

Plus size swimsuit wholesaler

It shapes the silhouette, holds the chest and refines the hips. The large size swimsuit is ideal for lounging in the sun or for lengthening in the pool. It is available in many models. We also offer many shapes of large swimsuit as you wish. All of the large size women's clothing is available at your large size swimsuit supplier. Stop at the depression of the swimsuit large size saddest: have fun! The one piece large size swimwear is the most classic. Designed to hide small curves with graphic cutouts, it has the art and way of wrapping yourself up for uncomplicated bathing. You will, of course, find it in black colour slimming but also in beautiful colours pep's and with mottled patterns. At the pool or the beach, do not be afraid to wear a nice swimwear large size fancy! We also offer large size two piece swimwear. Why do you forbid sexy bikini? The swimsuits two pieces large sizes are excellent: ventral reinforcement, high waist and covering form for the bottom; Large cups, bra and padded bra straps for the bra. You can also opt for a shorty stocking or skirt that covers the thighs or a top tankini that hides the belly. With our shelves, you can also mix the ups and downs big sizes that fit you well. Change the shape of stockings; alternate the bra to feed the impression of having plenty of swimsuits! Finally, there is the large sculpting swimsuit. Reinforced in elastane, designed to flatter your silhouette, the swimsuit sweeping large size makes you lose a few centimeters visually. With it, the complexes fly away. Resistant to chlorine and bleach, you no longer have an excuse to subscribe to the pool.