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Tank top and body are and will stay basics. Summer like winter your customer ask for it ? If your customers want freshness, nothing better than a tank top for women. Go immediately to discover our online catalog to compare the different models we offer and find in a few clicks the one you need. Whether it is with thin shoulder straps or with shoulders denuded, with Tunisian collar or U collar, plain or printed, the tank top is declined through many styles. Thanks to this diversity, every woman can have fun and follow the trend at every moment of her life. For work, family fun or girlfriend outings, there is bound to be a tank top that will suit your outfit.

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Tank Top wholesaler

Are you in a romantic mood? Choose a smooth tank top with floral patterns. Do you like chic and elegant looks? Turn to a satin tulle top. For a sleek and slender silhouette, go for the body. Located on the edge of lingerie and top, the body represents femininity. Combine it with a high waist pants or skirt, and you will get the winning combo. For a perfect evening look, choose the lace body without hesitation. Discover our collection of women's body at your tank top and body supplier. The women's body is both sculptings, feminine and irresistibly elegant. These textiles suit us solo to sunbathe on the beach or even match with a miniskirt for an evening with friends. They are also readily adopted as under hidden under clothes or visible like a t-shirt. Like every strong piece, one of the most stylish ways to wear your body is to shift it by combining it with basics. You put it on with Jean, a cropped top to be seen underneath. If we prefer to give it to our fetish jeans, we ideally complement it with a loosely androgynous shirt and a blazer. To find out more, visit your tank top wholesaler.