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Regardless of her class, choosing panties is always essential to women. That is why your panties wholesaler picked for your storer different types of panties existing on the market. With our range, you should be able attract new clients each year and build loyalty to the old ones.

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But, you should not forget that size of a panty is very important since the woman who will come to buy this accessory in your store or online store will each have their own size. In order, if you need to give a maximum comfort to your clients, note that you should offer them models that can cover their backs properly while guaranteeing a high cut and that the accessory is not at the same height as the underwear when it wears it. Emphasize that most of the pants you should offer to your clients should have a perfect design despite their retro styles. It is important for a panties wholesaler to have all the models as well as all the brands available on the market. A pair of underpants like a sheath also attracts the attention of women who need to look good at all times. Contrary to what you might think, note that a panty should no longer be like before. That is, she must no longer go to the knee. The color of the pants you offer to your clients must also be available according to the needs and desires of each category of women who will come to you. The goal is for you to give your clients as much choice as possible, regardless of their skin color. More specifically, you will conquer the loyalty of your clients if you give them the choice between models with clear skin or classic skin and many others. Don’t forget that the main purpose of wearing panties is to preserve your privacy while remaining discreet through the accessory. In addition, you should not ignore the fact that a woman needs to wear panties every day. As a result, you should offer to her a comfortable and easy model within his reach and within his budget. To go further, a professional panties wholesaler in his trade should not forget that this accessory has also served men since his first appearance on the market. This point is often forgotten by some suppliers but will allow you to get more clients than others. This will allow you to expand your international profile without anyone expecting. You will attract a lot of people if you get every model that comes to market and you put a real price/quality ratio in place. You will always remain at the top despite the appearance of new competitors in your field of activity.