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What do you sell, Pyjamas or nightgowns? In your nightwear supplier, the question does not argue; your clients sleep as they like! Taken from men, women's pyjamas have become feminised in form, adopting fashion Details: lace, refined prints, sexy neckline. You can mix models and cuts of pyjamas to create your custom pyjamas. Sleeve top with long sleeves or short sleeves, long pyjama bottoms. There are several interesting and stylish ranges to associate with each other to change pyjamas over the seasons and temperatures!

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Nightwear wholesaler

Beautiful at home from evening to morning: we added to these ranges of tank tops, vests and cocoon jackets to spend evenings and weekends relaxing and beautiful. For soft and pleasant nights, the choice of the clothes that will be worn is essential. Short or long, the babydoll is light and feminine. The nightgown of your nightwear wholesaler also takes the places of long tee-shirt and shows a nice relaxed. As for the pyjama short, it is made for summer nights and long hours of relaxation. Insulating and breathable, women's pyjamas allow you to combine a top of an ideal size or a more adjusted bottom, or is declined in fluids that give you a great facility of movement. Today, the night clothes are no longer hidden but also come out during the day. They fit in with very comfortable relaxing or cocooning outfits and warm up with sweaters, hooded-tops, vests, indoor jackets or nice bathrobes. You will find many sets to match to create your personal and stylish nightwear in our online lingerie store. The palette is broad, ranging from the most pastel shades to the most acid colours. The materials are soft and breathable and are suitable for fitting outfits or more fluid silhouettes: pure cotton, cotton blended linen, sponge, and breathable microfiber.