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It is necessary to have a stable and comfortable position, also to choose its points of support correctly.Some socks or socks are more or less useful depending on your muscular strength and your grip. Your clients have to try them. If you choose socks or tights of a larger size or with looser elastic, you will have more ease to put on. The mid-stockings of your stockings supplier is the advantage of the height of a high sock combined with diversification in design and color. Pleasant, light and comfortable to wear, they enhance and sublime your legs every day.

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In this collection, your sexy lingerie supplier has also prepared short socks, foot protectors, but especially knee-highs adapted to the type of shoes you want to wear: boots, ballerinas, sneakers or pumps, L.Dessous has the product tailored to all your Cravings and outfits! Also, the reinforced toes of these socks guarantee a longer resistance and a superior comfort. Transparent or opaque, you just have to choose! And to avoid misleading you, please refer to the guide to the sizes of your socks & stockings wholesaler. Never too much care will be taken to choose his socks and tights for a woman. Essential accessories to style, they add the finishing touch to a refined outfit. Black stockings to sculpt the leg or fancy pantyhose to spice up the look, models play the card of elegance in all trends. From the business silhouette to the pop-art look, they win to be worn by being seen. The Eternal incarnation of femininity, the nylon stockings and tights slip under the skater skirt and in the pumps with their fine range of tones. Flesh-colored for a harsh style or black hue in a chic trend, they remain a staple of the classic wardrobe. Depending on the mood, patterns will add a touch of spirit. Romantic for satin or graphics for arabesques, they can be worn as well with the skirt.