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Sexy pearls top

(Code: g1003)
sexy bra with Beads For your catalogue, you will find at your lingerie wholesaler. This flagship article is very coveted for some time. That, of course, is about this large knitted sexy bead. In the category of lingerie simple but sexy, it is the ideal article for the amateurs of beautiful things. This article is provided in single color. You will also find a white color which is a color suggesting purity, cleanliness but also perfection. Moreover, it is a product that has no particular pattern apart from pearls. It is often said that wearing this top sexy pearl knit highlights the breasts so to have perfect breasts. The article is also available in one size. It is clever for a woman to put a neckline above this top knit because it favors people with meaningful breasts. This article also has the singularity of not excluding any age limit. Very light, it would just be enough for customers to find the size that fits her breasts. So if you're a sexy bra wholesaler, this is the right time to give peps to your collection. Especially in these winter periods, considerably increase your sales by introducing this article in your collection. However, this product is desired for the degree of comfort it brings. Contact your sexy bra wholesaler and lingerie supplier quickly to make the most of this article. Compared to its quality, it is clear that sales figures speak for themselves. Your shelves deserve ample to be enhanced by items of this kind. If you do not have it yet, maybe it's a good time to get it. Do not hesitate because the model is only available in limited quantities.
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