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(Code: AA10001)
pack in mixed colors.
FR sizes: 34-36-38-40-42

You want to attract more customers as a bikini shop? You must know than this is entirely feasible as long as you do it right. For this, you should first of all offer top quality swimsuits like this bikini. With this model in your shops, you will not only increase the number of your customers. Effectively, you could also improve your image with your swimsuit wholesale supplier as well as your fame. Regarding the product in particular, you will offer a model perfectly able to meet the needs and expectations of your customers. This two-piece accessory offers lightness to the body as well as considerable freedom of movement in the water or on the beach. It’s not your clients who are going to complain because it will give them a lot of comfort. Also, don’t forget to mention than this jersey is available in several sizes and colors. As a result, your clients will have more ability to choose the model according to their body. It is certain that they will be able to walk quietly with this jersey without any fear. With the sturdiness of the cord than holds the upper part, you also offer an accessory whose manufacturing materials will cause no problem on the health and the skin of its wearer. For the sake of form, let your clients to tests if they want to. Alternatively, you could also show them pictures of models than have already worm this accessory. You will see yourself than they will rush into your shops to get this swimsuit.
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