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Come to your lingerie supplier to get trendy and sexy bras and boxers for women. For some time, our products have wreaked havoc among the customers regarding lingerie for women. We also present diversified products because apart from the bras, it is also possible to obtain strings, bra sets, boxers. From an aesthetic point of view, our items bring a new style with a beautiful design, modern and quality. Regarding quality, we have three words to describe us: finesse, authenticity, sexy. The materials which are used, give to our items a touch of elegance and charm. Some specialists recommend our women lingerie on online platforms for years.

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We sell panties and bras in cotton, which are the most pleasant to wear. The charming and sexy pieces by cons are ideal to seduce a partner after a gallant date. Some of them are irresistible as the garter belt or lace body. Discreet, they slip under the evening dress or the daily outfit. Lingerie items are available in different cuts and colors. In your sexy lingerie wholesaler online store, we propose lingerie articles adapted to your needs and your desires! Sexy lingerie pieces for a romantic evening, cotton pantie to be in her underwear, bras tailored to the morphology of future mums. In winter, it is advisable to choose a pyjamas or nightgown in cotton or fleece so as not to be cold. In summer, it's best to select a t-shirt / short set or a short, so you do not sweat under the comforter! In summary, you would not be disappointed; you would find everything at your lingerie wholesaler online store.